Assault in Texas is defined as intentional, knowingly, or recklessly causing the bodily injury of another.  There are many issues in proving a case of assault and different varying degrees (or levels of punishment) one can be charged with.  If a deadly weapon is involved, for instance, the charge may be aggravated assault.  All of which contain detrimental legal, personal, and social stigmas.  We strive to make sure the state is held to their burden and not just accept any “plea offer” the state may give.  Our firm aggressively handles an assault through investigation and evaluation of evidence.  Our perseverance ensures our clients get the correct result.



Being charged with a sex offense in Texas can be one of the scariest times one will ever face.  Most sex offenses range from either 3rd degree felonies to 1st degree felonies (sometimes a minimum of 25 years).  Rest assured, that our attorneys work tirelessly to protect your rights.  Whether you’re charged with Indecency with a Child or Continuous Sexual Abuse, we have seen it all.  Besides the unknown consequences, many times individuals turn to a state of depression and isolation.  Our attorneys evaluate the evidence and direct investigations to lead to the proper outcome.



Whether you’re facing a Class C misdemeanor theft or a felony theft, the consequences can have detrimental employment effects.  From our experience, most employers frown upon a theft conviction.  Our attorneys strive to ensure your theft charges won’t ever be of consequence.  There are many legal maneuvers and strategies involved that help us make sure this is possible.



Obviously one of the most serious crimes in Texas, Murder has different punishment ranges than most crimes—including death.  Our attorneys make sure a thorough investigation is done while protecting all the constitutional and statutory rights you have.  Throughout our countless trials, our attorneys have learned what it takes to ensure the proper result.  




By far the most common, serious offense one can face.  Generally people are scared and don’t know what can happen to them.  Our attorneys give an honest case evaluation to ensure someone is not duping you and claims to know “DWI”.   Everyone needs an attorney that understands the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs) and one police are actually looking.  During the evaluation, our attorneys will go over each test (HGN, walk-and-turn, and one-leg stand) and gauge the results.  Furthermore, you need an attorney that work through breath and blood results.



An offense that ranges in punishment ranges and levels, one has the potential of serious consequences for drug charges.  Possible prison, probation, or even license revocations can make this scary for anyone.  Whether a simple possession of marijuana or being accused of selling heroin, the complexities of the case can vary.  Our attorneys will scour through the evidence and evaluate the case honestly.  The different levels of degrees require that we work diligently and aggressively to make sure your rights are protected.



Fraud encompasses numerous things in Texas.  Whether someone’s accused of using someone else’s credit card or defrauding investors, a proper investigation must be done.  Fraud carries various punishment ranges as most Texas crimes do.